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We have an author here at Denbow!  Bill Boesterd (President) has written a book based on his experiences leading our team over the past 35 years.


You've been given a gift, or a number of gifts; one being an ability to encourage and motivate others to join your business, and invest their energy with you. You've been gifted with an idea for a product or service that has transformed over time into a viable opportunity. You've been gifted with the skills, experience, ability to envision a path to a future, and to lead. What will you do with all of this?

I'm encouraging you to 'stay in the saddle'. Engage the skills and experiences of others to allow you the time to mentor and facilitate training the next generation of leaders. The tools and ideas described are but a small description of the opportunities available to you when you begin to engage others to come alongside of you.

In 'counting the cost' of a good consulting or training opportunity, please don't do as too often well intentioned owners do, and look at the hourly rate and deem the opportunity unaffordable. Take the cost as an investment that could pay back dividends on your business activities for the next five or more years. That changes everything. You can't do it on your own, and if you don't have all the skills and experience necessary to grow your business with the people you have, you need to entrust others to come alongside for a season. It all comes down to you. Will you trust others to come alongside you to allow you the time and space to continue to grow both your abilities and those of others? This world needs you. You can live a life of significance, making a difference for others, and yourself.

Bill Boesterd

To read more, purchase the book on Amazon here!