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Newton Pond Revegetation Project

The normally quiet and peaceful Newton Pond park has been disturbed.  Newton pond in Surrey was contaminated with chemicals consistent with those used to manufacture ecstasy.  As CTV Vancouver reported, the City of Surrey estimates the cost of the clean up to be $20-$40,000. This includes absorbing pom poms along the pond, using vacuum trucks to remove the contaminated soil, and revegetating those areas with Denbow’s Terraseeded EcoBlanket.  The EcoBlanket compost will bring nutrition to the area, and the Terraseeding will help re-establish native wetland grasses in the area.  By accessing the site via blower truck rather than bobcat, we were able to leave the rest of the vegetation undisturbed which was critical to the Newton pond revegetation project.

Newton Pond is a storm-water detention pond that was built in 2015 by the City to accommodate existing and future upstream development ; attenuate peak flows from storm water runoff;  mitigate erosion within Hyland Creek; and provide water quality benefits.

Soon the pond will be back to doing it’s “job” of stormwater management and providing green space for the local residents.