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The Importance of IPEMA Certification:   IPEMA_F1292Section4.2_F3351-1IPEMA_2075-1

A Deep Dive into ASTM F2075 and ASTM F3351

In a world where safety and quality are increasingly paramount, having the right certifications is crucial, particularly in the playground industry. The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) certification has emerged as a critical quality benchmark for PlayChip and playground equipment manufacturers worldwide. In this blog, we'll discuss the importance of IPEMA certification, focusing specifically on two significant certification numbers: ASTM F2075 and ASTM F3351.

Understanding IPEMA Certification

IPEMA certification provides a standard for playground safety, ensuring that manufacturers adhere to the highest safety and quality requirements. It is an assurance that the playgrounds children use are not only fun but also designed with safety in mind.

IPEMA uses various ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International standards as the foundation for its certification process. Two of these standards - ASTM F2075 and ASTM F3351 - are critical to ensuring playground safety.



The Value of ASTM F2075

ASTM F2075 is a standard that relates to engineered wood fiber (PlayChips) for use as a playground safety surface under and around playground equipment. This standard includes specifications and test methods for material characteristics, performance requirements, and marking instructions for engineered wood fiber (PlayChips).

ASTM F2075 ensures that the material used in playground surfacing is safe, durable, and protective in the event of falls or accidents. Meeting this standard demonstrates a commitment to preventing injuries and ensuring child safety on playgrounds.

The Importance of ASTM F3351

ASTM F3351 is a standard specification for playgrounds designed for early learning through elementary school aged children. To ensure the safety of public playgrounds, IPEMA offers a third-party certification process. This procedure involves TÜV SÜD America using a specific test to gauge the impact-absorption capability of a playground's surface at a certain height. The results of this test are then used to assess the quality of the specific playground surfacing system. Denbow has a 16 foot height impact absorption capability.  

By meeting the ASTM F3351 standard, manufacturers demonstrate that their playgrounds are suitable and safe for children, helping to foster both physical growth and cognitive development. This standard helps ensure that playground surfacing is appropriate and provides a safe, enriching play environment.

Why These Certifications Matter

Adhering to ASTM F2075 and ASTM F3351 and achieving IPEMA certification signal to schools, municipalities and parents, that a manufacturer is committed to producing safe, high-quality playground equipment.  At Denbow, we are IPEMA certified in both ASTM F2075 and ASTM F3351. 

These certifications provide assurance that products have undergone rigorous testing and meet the highest standards for safety. They help minimize risks of injuries and accidents, creating a safer play environment for children.

The safety of children on playgrounds is a matter of utmost importance. The IPEMA certification, including the ASTM F2075 and ASTM F3351 standards, ensures that manufacturers meet specific safety and quality benchmarks. In addition to contributing to a safer play environment, these certifications enhance consumer trust in the marketplace. As such, they are not just important - they are indispensable.

Ensuring safety, promoting quality, and building trust - that is the power of IPEMA certification and ASTM standards. Manufacturers who recognize and embrace this importance are taking the right steps toward creating a safer, more enjoyable world for our children to play in.