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City of North Vancouver Slope Reclamation

Eco-Blanket & FilterSox installation

Erosion Control Application 

There are many products and services on the market today that state they have the solution to steep slope erosion stabilization. This is good news for Denbow, as we don’t mind a competitive market as it leaves more opportunities for our Eco Blanket to shine, or should I say grow!

Denbow works along side engineers and landscape architects to find the best solution for every problematic site. Denbow’s EcoBlanket has proven to be the best solution to every situation. Starting with our own manufactured products, as well as injected seeds and fertilizers. We can add various cells and grinds to our application, as well as silt or sediment control socks.

This project profile had multiple problems to solve and with the right mix of our products the results speak for themselves.


Day 1

City of NV day 1.3City of NV day 1.2City of NV day 1.4


Day 2

City of NV day 2.3City of NV day 2.2City of NV day 2.1

Day 3

City of NV day 3.2City of NV day 3.3City of NV day 3.1

Week 1

City of NV 1 week 1.2City of NV 1 week 1.1

Week 2

City of NV 1 week 1.3City of NV 2 weeks 1.2City of NV 2 weeks 1.1

Week 4 

City of NV 4 weeks 1.5City of NV 4 weeks 1.3City of NV 4 weeks 1.1City of NV 4 weeks 1.10City of NV 4 weeks 1.8City of NV 4 weeks 1.4



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