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Denbow’s eco blanket has been around for some time now and has gained Engineers, Geosciences and Geo technicians credibility of a product that does what we say it can do. The product continuous to evolve as construction and weather conditions continue to change. Keeping our lands from eroding away with the harsh rain and weather conditions that we experience in our province.



With utilizing analytical lab results we have altered the makeup of the product in recent years to provide more nutritional composition to the much-needed wood organics you find in the Grow Media (main component of Eco Blanket). With some past results we have been able to determine that the transient flow of water through our product was amazing. Allowing water to flow through the grow media without holding moister (Saturated density) a key component to erosion control. To allow water to flow freely through material and not have it gain weight with moister and have a slope fail or create riling along the slope, slope failure.

Eco 2

So with this new mix, we are able to have a product that has enough fine soil material that adds nutrition to the seeds that are injected with the tera seed system so they can grow and create a strong root system that will hold that slope through the most dynamic weather conditions.

Eco 3

But our Eco Blanket does not end with great Grow Media, we also add an organic tackifier which helps bond the soil material together for approximately 6-8 month giving the root system from the seeds time get a strong hold into the surfaces. We also add a grid system that is designed with a double-sided grip system for exactly this purpose of bolding two surfaced together and adding in additional strength as the root system growth trough this grid, creating an armour system for the most critical slopes. Other options for Denbow is to incorporate layers of soils or adding soxx into the mix, all options for us to propose to our customers for a list of products that provide the results they want.                                         

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