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When Denbow customers are looking for a soil that is manufactured for rooftops, there are many things they consider. Whether it’s a new construction or an older building that is being renovated into an outdoor green area. A few main key focus areas are:

  • Good drainage (this is key)
  • Good water holding capacity (without getting waterlogged or heavy)
  • Resistance to decomposition (Less woody organics)
  • Lightweight,
  • A good growing medium for the plants

Many of the typical manufactured soils or topsoil for rooftop gardening can be difficult to work with. Most soils are made with fine particles with lots of nutrients and some sand for drainage, this does not work in concrete planters or rooftop gardens.  Your typical soil will become saturated with water and become to bulky and heavy adding to much weight for the structure, overflow planters and eventually kill off plants.


Denbow’s Skysoil is made specifically for this purpose, with double screened amender (Nutrimend) a small presence of sand and different levels of a white rock called Pumice ranging from 40 – 80 % of the over all mix. This make up provides the best possible solution to landscape architects. High nutritional value with the screened amender, and high drainage factor with the pumice and sand. Giving the plant the perfect mix to live a long and green life on top of the biggest buildings in Vancouver.


Installing Skysoil

Skysoil Before


4 weeks after installation 

Skysoil After

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