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Slope Stabilization and Rehabilitation

The Options are Endless! 

With BC’s vast landscape and the ever-growing population, landscape architects and engineers are become more creative in the ways they alter the land to place magnificent custom-built homes.

Blasting rock to make space for these homes is common in our region, sometimes the rock is removed and sometimes it can be left on the land. In this project the rock was left behind.  

Denbow was called in to help rehabilitate this area to its original forest scape.

With an expert crew and our repelling gear, over 550 feet of pipe, our express blower truck, hundreds of yards of Denbow custom manufactured eco blanket product, seed and fertilizer injected into the material during installation; we began.

With quick results this land has returned back to the forest and the creatures that inhabit it.




Two weeks after Installation 

2 weeks later 1-1

Two months after Installation 



Compost-based products combined with superior design virtually eliminates
erosion and filters water to keep sediment onsite where it belongs.
We offer several innovative products that mimic nature, perform to high standards and can be applied in environmentally-sensitive situations without disturbing natural areas.

Denbow represents forward-thinking solutions for controlling sediment and provides a proven approach to erosion control that out-performs traditional products.