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Playgrounds for your children are an excellent way to keep them entertained particularly at school and parks. However, children often tumble off playground equipment and hurt themselves. In that regard, playground areas require shock absorbing material. Playground wood chips are among the most preferred shock absorbers placed beneath and around playground facilities.

Why Use Playground Wood Chips?

Gravel and rubber surfaces may sound like ideal options for cushioned play area surfaces, but they don’t deliver the efficiency and flexibility of playground wood chips. Wood chips have several benefits, including:


Playground wood chips often exceed ADA, ASTM, and CPSC playground surfacing standards. According to several studies, wood chips are the most effective surfaces for averting surface injuries. In addition, they are less sensitive to extreme temperatures. Hence, they can protect your kids during the heat of summer as well as the bite of winter.

Cost efficiency

Compared to other alternatives, playground wood chips carry less-expensive costs. You will never find another very safe, yet so cheap cushioning material. To make sure that the wood chips are fresh and still offer protection, you should regularly replace them with new wood chips. Even with regular replacements, playground wood chips still remain the most cost-effective option.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you use playground wood chips instead of rubber, asphalt, or gravel, your playground will look like a playground – not a factory yard. It is a classic visual sight for both you, and your children and enriches the childhood experience.

ADA Accessible.

Playground wood chips meet all standard surfacing requirements. As such, they allow all kids to play, thanks to their ADA accessibility.

What is The Best Wood Chips?

Many types of wood-chip products look quite similar, but they may not provide the same protection. Engineered Wood Fibre (EWF) is the best kind of wood chip that you can use as playground cover. Besides its high shock absorbency, EWF has more beneficial features than other wood chips.

Keeping Children at Heart

Playgrounds are an indispensable part of any childhood experience. Whether it is at school or the park, playgrounds are places where kids of all ages can let their imagination reign free. Unfortunately, imaginative adventures also include the dangerous ones. As a playground administrator, it’s critical to ensure that playgrounds are fun and safe, it’s also imperative that you use a cushioned surface, the best of which is playground wood chips.