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Denbow has sponsored the "Denbow Base Burners" in a charity softball tournament tomorrow!  They will be playing slow pitch softball at the 7th Annual Word & Deed Softball Tournament at Townsend Park in Chilliwack.  Organized by Willetta Les, our Marketing Manager, this tournament has raised just shy of $100,000 in the past six years for Word & Deed Ministries.  This year the funds will go towards the School of Practical Ministries (leadership training) in Colombia.

Interested in coming out to cheer on the Denbow Base Burners?

They'll be playing Whammy! at 10am

Benchwarmers at noon

and Gunslingers at 2pm.

The semi-final games start at 3:00pm.  Always the Saturday after Labour Day, we've never had any rain - and we are looking good for tomorrow, fingers crossed :)

For more info, see the tournament website at