5 Reasons to Mulch for Summer

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5 Reasons to Mulch for Summer

Do you want a beautiful, fresh and fragrant garden ready for the summer months? Now is the time to enhance your garden’s health and set some good landscape foundations for the year to come. Transform your yard for the outdoor season!

Why mulch?

1. Mulch assists with water conservation

Mulch can reduce watering by over 50%. This is because it keeps soil temperature constant whilst preventing weed seed germination. This creates a garden structure with better water management.


2. Mulch protects soil during summer conditions

Mulching provides a functional, protective layer over the soil.  It traps moisture in the garden, serving as a protective, insulated layer for the root zone.

3. Mulch is a must for optimum garden health

In addition to providing great drainage, mulch also assists weed prevention, moisture and temperature control. It offers a natural organic layer, mimicking what naturally occurs in rainforests. Mulch is a sanctuary for plant-friendly insects and micro-organisms, promoting plant and garden health.

4. Mulch helps make landscaping low-maintenance

Mulch is a groundcover that requires minimal to no maintenance.  Simply maintain a good depth by topping up the mulch annually or ever other year. 

5. Mulching adds value to property

Property buyers seek well-maintained, beautiful landscape.  Mulch gives a clean, well maintained look and has the power to influence the buyers’ decision.   They'll feel that the yard is beautiful and move-in ready without work required on their part.


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Adapted from our friends at Groundworks in Australia