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Tomorrow is December! Hard to believe, as time flies when you're having fun.  Speaking of fun, it's time to check on the depth of engineered woof fiber surfacing in municipal and school playgrounds. 

playchip topup program

In order to maintain a proper fall attenuation, EWF needs to be maintained to at least 12 inches (300mm) depth after compaction.  As time goes by, the wood fibre decreases.  It breaks down, is tracked out of the playgrounds by kids, blows away, etc.  So annual checks by a certified playground inspector is required to identify the playgrounds in the district that require additional material to be brought back up the the proper depth. 

Denbow offers an easy solution for multiple playgrounds - our PlayChip Top-up Program.  

How does the PlayChip Top-Up Program work?

You provide us with a list of playgrounds that require material, or a list of playgrounds to be checked for depth. 

We will:

  • visit the site and calculate quantity required
  • provide you with a quote to top-up all the areas
  • supply and install certified Denbow PlayChips with our fleet of blower trucks. 
  • pass the savings of multiple sites in one mobilization on to you!

(note: site visits are included only for the Lower Mainland.  For BC interior and Vancouver Island, we'll rely on your measurements to calculate quantity required)

Benefits of installation via blower trucksIMG_3520 cropped-1

  • no wasted material
  • no damage to turf or landscape
  • efficient installation at multiple sites per day... often 5-8 playgrounds can be topped up in the same day!
  • playground remains open except for during installation
  • your labour force is available for other necessary tasks

"We were very pleased at the professional service & follow up that Denbow gave us.  The playground wood fibre product was as good as any other high grade products we have used in the past.  The product was blown into place, some areas as far as 400’, no mess, service was fast & efficient.  We would definitely use their products & service again.  I wish all my contractors worked as great as Denbow. Thank You!"  - Randy Van Tunen, Parks Maintenance Supervisor, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Parks Department

We make your job simple - just call us!

New playground? Topping up current surfacing? We'd love to help!