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Landscape Architecture in Greater Vancouver

A moderate climate that supports greenery during 3 of 4 seasons a year provides a showcase for the designs of talented landscape designers throughout greater Vancouver. Utilizing a blend of solid and fluid designs that add to the beauty that exists throughout the province, landscape professionals use architectural concepts and techniques to create an environment pleasing to the senses.

In cities, where land is scarce, rooftops are engineered and designed to bring natural greenery back into the city. The Green Roof system is a technical design that allows for vegetation growth using a growing medium or membrane. Urban landscape designers create a system that provides drainage and irrigation on rooftops to ensure an aesthetically-pleasing "green" result.

Whether in rural, suburban or urban areas the results of a solid landscape architect design provides:

  • Added property values
  • The addition or restoration of depleted soil
  • More attractive use of commercial and residential structures

How to Choose a Landscape Architect

It’s true that a landscape architect should know their plant species, concepts like flow and spacial design and how to work in architectural elements. However, the landscape architect’s approach is critically important. The following approach is used by top landscape architects before simply jumping into the details of a project:

  1. Understand the true goals of the client. Your landscape architect should be a good communicator that asks enough questions to get beyond a specific flower colours or tree types to understanding the intent of the space.
  2. Focus on total experience. To create a backyard oasis that will be an escape from frenetic city life requires the consideration of all the senses (touch, sight, smell, sound, and yes taste!). A consideration of flow and design as well as durability and suitability to the BC climate is also required.
  3. Choose a defining feature. In coordination with the intent of the space, a defining feature like a seating area, sculpture or waterfall provide a focal point that can set the space apart and complete the experience.

Top Landscape Architects in Greater Vancouver

With these tips in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top landscape architects in greater Vancouver that are certified members of the BC Society of Landscape Designers. We hope this list will be helpful in choosing a professional that will help understand your true goals and create an unforgettable experience in your landscaped space.

Here is a link to a list of Landscape Architects located in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Enjoy.