How Denbow IPEMA Certified PlayChips Protect Your Child?

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Having a child outside playing is favorable for their growth; not only does it help them enjoy their childhood in a fun manner, but it also helps them to grow in both mind and body. However, when they play in the playground, they must be safe and protected. Children tend to explore limits and do silly things that can often hurt them. So, for this purpose, these playgrounds must be lined with a protective surfacing so that each child playing on the ground remains protected and safe.

You must follow a certain standard set by the international play equipment Manufacturers Association that ensures that each child playing in the playground is safe and protected. It includes all set standards regarding the playground equipment that your children use for several activities such as running, jumping, and even climbing. 

Importance of IPEMA Certification

Using this type of playground chip or mulch is essential. First, it significantly reduces the chances of injuries that may result from accidental falls while playing on the playground. Often children will slip and injure themselves on either the head or some other body part. Therefore, to protect them from any severe or non-serious injury, we must use certified playground chips so that each child is protected and safe when playing. Even though there are a lot of varieties of playground chips or mulch, they must be certified by the international play equipment Manufacturers Association to ensure the critical fall height and other factors like functional longevity.

Certification with ASTM 2075 & ASTM F1292/ F3351 

The international play equipment Manufacturers Association offers different people certification programs to validate a product according to ASTM standards. Upon passing these standards, they will receive an IPEMA seal that can be used as a certification. There are different certifications, such as ASTM 2075 & ASTM F1292. 


·       ASTM 2075 

The international play equipment Manufacturers Association provides a type of certification seal. It is a third-party certification whereby TÜV & SÜD America ensures that the manufacturer's certification, according to ASTM 2075, is valid. The certificate allows the manufacturer to use engineered wood fiber as a playground safety surface. This engineered wood fiber is not just used on the surface but also around the playground equipment.

·       ASTM F1292

It is also a certification provided by the international play equipment Manufacturers Association. It offers a third-party certification just like ASTM 2075. It ensures that a manufacturer's certification is valid and conformance to the standard specification for impact attenuation of surfacing materials within a playground.

These certifications are critical because they ensure the manufacturers understand all the safety regulations. These certifications are also necessary because they help keep a check and balance on the quality of playground wood chips used in several places. Finally, it is all to ensure that they provide proper protection in case a child or toddler is in the playground playing with the equipment.

How fall protection protects children?

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Fall protection protects children in several ways. However, the most common way it protects children who fall is by absorbing the impact. Hence, this engineered wooden chip is soft and pliable when the child falls on it and doesn't cause any sharp injury to the children. However, when a child is playing in the playground, there is an excellent chance that he might injure himself. For that purpose, these wood chips are made sure to be soft and bendable. 

They don't have sharp edges or pointy heads that can poke the child in soft areas such as the eyes. So that is another way these playground chips or mulch ensure that children are protected from all types of trauma and injuries upon falling. Another great thing about using playground chips is that they offer proper support, meaning children are less likely to slip and fall when playing on them. These are all the ways fall protection protects children from injuries and falls.