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One of our employees, Andre VanWoerden, is joining a team heading to Haiti next month to partner with the locals on a university housing project.  The story of how the trip came to be is featured in this Chilliwack Progress article.

We wish you a safe & successful trip, Andre!

Pastor Rod Heppell (centre) is getting ready to head to Haiti with his team from Sardis Fellowship Church, including (from left) Keith Barkey, Scott Matheson, Andre VanWoerden, Isabelle Chenail, Mike Whitaker, and Andrew Reeves. The church has partnered with Hungry for Life, and a ministry in Haiti under a five-year commitment to help better the lives of impoverished Haitians. The team will be bringing their tools of their trades — from dentistry to welding to construction — to Haiti in April.  - JENNA HAUCK/ PROGRESS

— image credit: JENNA HAUCK/ PROGRESS