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Didn't mulch this spring? It's not too late.  Many landscaping professionals practice—and actually prefer—fall mulching. Fall mulch works like spring mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth and protect bare soil from erosion. But it's also an excellent preparation for winter. 

residential mulch blowing

One of the many benefits of mulching garden beds is preventing extreme soil temperature fluctuations.  During the winter months the ground temperature will fluctuate, going through cycles of freeze and that.  This cycle stresses plants, even those that are dormant during the winter.   Mulch works as an insulator, protecting plants from rapid swings in soil temperature.  The soil may still freeze, but the mulch will moderate it to more slowly freeze and thaw.   We recommend placing mulch 3" deep.  This will insulate the soil while still allowing enough moisture to evaporate so the soil doesn't stay saturated.  Cut back perennials for winter, creating a clean bed surface for mulching.  Fall this mulch, and enjoy less weeds to pull in the spring!


mulch installation for the fall