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We would like to introduce you to Corey Bennett.  He has been working here at Denbow part-time for  the past four years.  Corey was introduced to Denbow by the program he participates in at Chilliwack Society for Community Living called RISE (Real Integration through Supportive Employment).  Corey is responsible for keeping our staff office and shop areas neat and tidy.

Corey Bennett is well-loved at Denbow! Corey Bennett is well-loved at Denbow!























Corey is turning 27 years old in a few weeks.  He loves his birthdays so we make sure that we remember them. :)  He also has a lot of interests that keep him quite busy when he is not working at Denbow.   He loves to dance, bowl, listen to music & swim with his many friends.  Corey also has a creative side, writing stories.  ‘Garfield’ is a movie that he really loves "because it’s funny"!  He lives at home with his mom and dad and has an older brother named Richard.

Each week Corey arrives at work with a Tim Hortons coffee in his hands.  Sometimes he even brings a coffee or ice-cap for his two very favorite Denbow co-workers, Ray and Mike.  Corey loves to attend company functions.  We can count on him to dress up for the occasion and bring his enthusiasm with him.

Denbow has been blessed by the opportunity to provide part-time employment to Corey.  We look forward to continuing  to work with him as he grows his workplace skills and shares stories about dances and camps with us.