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What is Closed Loop Development?  It's the whole, complete recycling of land clearing material on a development site.  The land clearing is processed into compost and engineered soils for use back on development sites.  In addition to addressing "what to do with land clearing brush", the processed materials solve erosion control issues, slope stabilization, re-vegetating the sites as well as landscaping. 

"Utilization of local organic material in combination with innovative soil erosion control methods provides fora responsible, fast and effective way to meet site reclamation objectives. With development comesimpact; it is our responsibility to be good environmental stewards using more innovative approaches to achieve sustainability and minimize the overall impact."  Neil Froc, P.Eng


Denbow’s onsite organics management program targets achievable site reclamation objectives:
• Progressive restoration approach maintains normal local land use
• Local woody debris is recycled as compost and applied on the site
• Natural drainage is easily restored without water ponding
• Finished product conforms and blends with adjacent contours
• Soil erosion due to overland water flow limited
• Compliance to local forest protection policies and regulations easily met
• Enables development of sustainable desired plant community
• Healthy vigorous plant growth established
• Well distributed plant density with no bare areas

Application of the compost and soil throughout the site using Denbow’s fleet of pnuematic blower trucks also allows for Terraseeding™ - the process of injecting seed into the compost/soil as it’s blown into place. Any granular seed can be used, including native/custom seed mixes and shrubs or tree seeds.  Successful applications include EcoBlanket on slopes, raingardens and bioswales, and Terraseeded TurfZone soil for lawns.

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