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It has been devastating to hear of the destruction the wildfires in BC during the last few weeks.  We were contacted by a friend of a generous lady who opened up her farm in Delta for 150 horses from the evacuated areas.  "Would you be able to help by donating a load of sawdust for bedding the horses?"  That was a very easy question for us to answer - "Of course, we'd be glad to help." We delivered the load as soon as they needed it.  And today a gentleman picked up a free load of sawdust as well, to deliver up in a fire affected area.

As so many of us have the natural reaction of what can I do to help, I need to DO something - we'd like to share about an opportunity to help tomorrow.  The students at Central Community Church are hosting an extra "Stuff a Truck" event on Saturday July 22.  8am to 2pm at 46100 Chilliwack Central Road.  They're working with the Salvation Army to get goods to the people who need them.

They are looking to collect the following items:
-Canned Food Items
-Pop top Cans
-Baby diapers
-Baby Wipes
- Toilities
- Gift Cards
- Water
- Gatorade
- Cash donations

There will also be a BBQ by donation going directly to those in need.

Come out and help to stuff our Denbow truck!!