The Beauty of Raised Garden Beds

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The Beauty of Raised Garden Beds

At Denbow, there are many aspects of  raised garden beds that we love.  Raised garden beds easy to install, simple to maintain, and can be quite beautiful.  

Raised garden beds give the best option for an optimal controlled environment to grow what you love. For example, with a garden bed, you can take advantage of the prime sunlight in your yard by installing the beds where the sun is most optimal for your desired plants.  Another way of creating an optimal grow environment is by using Denbow’s premium GroZone soil.  One can successfully grow vegetables, annuals, perennials, or pretty much anything in a raised bed.      

In beautiful British Columbia, we see a lot of rain. Any gardener from the area will tell you, kneeling or working in the mud is not ideal.  Did you know it can be helpful to add Denbow’s wood chips around the outside edges of the garden bed to help avoid muddy situations?  Not only do wood chips help to eliminate mud around the perimeter of your raised beds, they also control weeds and contribute to a pleasant aesthetic.     

If you have decided to build raised garden beds you may consider building the sides slightly higher than the common height of 12 inches.  Depending on how high you build your raised garden beds, you may be able to sit comfortably on the edge to do a little of your work. How great is that!

These are just a few of the reasons why we love raised garden beds.  You may refer to the info-graphic below for more step by step information.  We hope you enjoy, if you do, please share with your friends or post on your own site!

Click on the infographic for the full size image.