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Remembrance Day… What does it mean to you?

Do you have a connection with a soldier who has fought for our freedom?

arnhem oosterbeek war cemetary Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, the Netherlands

This year, Remembrance Day is especially meaningful to me.  I recently travelled to Europe and while there I visited some World War II sites.  My small glimpse into the devastation and destruction of war has given me a little more understanding of the terrible experiences soldiers faced.  My appreciation of the sacrifices that the Allied troops made for our freedom is much greater now.

I visited a number of sites significant in World War 2 in various places (museums, cemeteries, concentration camp & memorials) as well as learned about a family member who was involved in the Dutch Resistance.  A great-uncle who I never had the privilege of knowing because he was captured & killed by the Germans.

Lest we forget the sacrifice of all those who have died for our freedom - a freedom that we too often take for granted. Lest we forget the sacrifice of all those who have died for our freedom.

By Willetta Les

Denbow Office Manager