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Efficient reloading of our blower trucks has been a topic of discussion for many years at Denbow. In 2006 we had our custom designed tipper trailers built and they've reloaded our blower trucks for years.  Recently we started exploring expanding to an additional reload option.  Literally sketching ideas on a whiteboard in our boardroom, the idea of c-train live floor trailers with conveyors on both boxes was born.  We worked with Trout River Trailers on PEI to bring the design to life, and took possession of the unit earlier this year. 

We are using the trailers to reload our blower trucks on jobsites, loading other equipment with aggregates, and conveying StructureZone, our structural soil, directly into place beside roadways.  We've increased our capacity to serve you on your projects, helping you meet deadlines.

Check out the video to see how smooth it is!




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