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Here at Denbow we know that business can be fun and it can be challenging. Our Journal is designed to help you find articles, tips, and other interesting things we do that might help you in your business. We hope you find one of our journals insightful and helpful.

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A group of Denbow staff and 'significant others' recently participated in a 30 day Intentional Living Journey from John Maxwell.  John says "To live a life of significance is to live each day with intentionality, and that takes purpose. Yet the majority of people question their purpose, or they don’t even know what it is. Purpose is more than what you like or what you’re good at. Purpose is what you’re made for. It’s your sweet spot — based on the ways you process information, relate to people, and perceive the world. Find out your why and your sweet spot."

"When you help others to win, you win too." -John C. Maxwell

We received daily 3 minute videos and also read John's Intentional Living book.  In the coming weeks, we'd like to share with you some of the intentional living concepts that we learned and are working to put into place in our work and personal lives.